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Systemic innovation

We provide both public and private sector clients with indepth studies on innovations and the innovation system at large. We conduct also systematic evaluations of your plans and programs. Our experts conduct both ex-ante and ex-post evaluations to help you assess the paths taken or to be taken. Innovation is a profound systemic change process of which success often depends on the seemless coordination of various elements such as R&D, design, user engagement, business model and governance.

Strategic foresight

We help you explore the future with your stakeholders in support of your strategic (re-)positioning and agenda setting.

With strategic foresight you create improved understanding of the innovatiaddon system, develop your networks and new partnerships; upgrade your innovation activities.

The global economy, new technologies and increasing impact of human activities in nature have brought us with a new magnitude of uncertainties. Foresight helps you navigate in such a complex and uncertain environment.

We engage in your strategy work the way you choose and feel the most comfortable. Our experts have long experience in foresight practice and are ready to tailor a process to meet your specific needs building on our attested foresight methodology toolbox:

  • Impetu Horizon Scanning Bundle – Quantitative and qualitative tools for scanning emerging issues
  • Impetu Scenario Bundle – Efficient exploration of alternative futures
  • Impetu Roadmap Bundle – Design and management for high impact roadmaps
  • Impetu Idea Management Bundle – Online solutions for crowdsourcing and idea management
  • Impetu Strategic Decisions Bundle – Strategy design and multicriteria decision tools for priority setting

Foresight software

We offer smart and comprehensive software solutions for foresight and strategy work, stakeholder engagement and decision support.

Our consultants and engineers together with our strategic technology partners provide a strong team to exceed your expectations in the areas such as:

  • Online platforms to co-create and assess ideas (crowd sourcing)
  • Decision support tools for systematic and comprehensive analysis

We provide you with an efficient process for engaging your stakeholders in a systematic and evidence-based generation, elaboration and assessment of  ideas and their subsequent analysis with multiple dimensions that lead to well informed and bold decisions. Our engineers are constantly elaborating new solutions for idea management and we partner with leading software vendors and data service providers.

Adaptive training

We offer our clients training services that adapt to your individual needs and circumstances. We work together with our clients to define the training needs and the most efficient solutions to meet them. Our  internet solutions and videostreaming facilities provide a state-of-the art online learning platform. In the organisation of training we benefit from our international networks and technology partners. Our experts are frequently invited to contribute to international conferences, seminars and workshops on the issues such as foresight, strategy, innovation management and policy.