System Transition

System transitions are complex societal co-evolutionary processes that are typically led by gradual adaptation rather than visionary management or coordination. Still, visionary coordination of policies, regulation, corporate strategies and social learning may overcome some barriers and foster new innovation efforts providing sufficient impetus towards system transition. Our experts addresses ‘system transition’ as a valuable perspective and applies a framework for analysing research and governance practices and structures. Our framework integrates different transitions phases, levels and dimensions and combines them with the governance functions to provide overarching frames for understanding system transitions. The framework for transition research and governance is applied for instance in the analysis of the energy and transport governance.

JRC Standards Foresight

Experts of Impetu Solutions are supporting the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission to conduct a foresight study on the future of standards following the recent Communication on the need for a strategic vision on standards. The foresight study is exploring the future of production systems in Europe and how key enabling technologies (KETS) […]

Grand challenges responding research in Finland

In June 2011, the Board of the Academy identified a series of grand challenges that will be given priority focus in research over the next few years. These challenges are named as: The Northern Climate and Environment Sustainable Energy Dialogue of Cultures A Healthy Everyday for All Knowledge and Know-how in the Media Society The […]

Towards low carbon company

In collaboration with Gas Natural Fenosa and the IE Business School, our experts explored the state of the game and the evolution of low carbon business and economy in the fight against the climate change. The research examines in particular the recent advances in Gas Natural Fenosa in the management of energy sources and environment. […]

e-Health: Towards Integrated Hospital Information Systems in Spain

Impetu Solutions is conducting a research project that applies and elaborates techno-institutional change theories in a novel way in the context of the transition process from fragmented hospital information systems of papers, films and digitalised records to integrated electronic management of intra- and inter-hospital information. The research can be characterised as empirically based theory-building as […]

The 4th International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) 12 & 13 May 2011

Impetu is represented by Dr. Totti Könnölä in the Scientific Committee of The 4th edition of the International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) that focuses on the need and potential of FTA to address disruptive transformations in response to grand societal challenges. FTA offers policy and decision makers the potential to look across such […]

Eco-Innovation: When Sustainability and Competitiveness Shake Hands

Dr. Totti Könnölä of Impetu Solutions co-authored the leading book on eco-innovation. It considers the impact economic activities have on our environmental surroundings whilst exploring new ways towards more sustainable development. The concept of eco-innovation is addressed with regard to competitiveness and sustainability from the viewpoints of both business leaders and policy-makers in this thought-provoking […]