Innovation Roadmaps

With ‘Innovation Roadmap’ we refer to the structured and timebased representations about the future pathway(s) of technological, industrial, policy and social developments and their dynamic linkages. Innovation roadmapping is applied especially in the corporate world to support research and technology development (RTD) planning. Roadmaps are often constructed as timebased charts with the multiple-layers that usually include technology push and pull perspectives.

Building on its existing strength to illustrate linkages between different future dimensions, roadmapping holds a promise for improving the understanding of the dynamics of systems changes and thus help corporate strategy to better position and preprare for the future in the innovation system.

The success of roadmapping has been largely based on its flexibility, being applicable in different sectors and organisational settings. Furthermore, roadmaps are typically applied to predict and communicate the most probable future pathway for RTD actions. This predictive and easy to understand approach has facilitated its use in strategic decisionmaking and in designing RTD implementation plans. However, the observations of global competition and radical changes in industrial dynamics as well as the gradual paradigm shift in the innovation policy and theory from linear to systemic models call for the revision of roadmapping practice.

Strategic Guidance for Foresight in JPI Oceans

Impetu Solutions provides strategic guidance for the Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans), which is a coordinating and integrating platform, open to all EU Member States and Associated Countries. While bringing together the interested Member States and Associated Countries JPI Oceans aims to add value by: avoiding fragmentation and unnecessary […]

Opening Horizons: What kind of new approaches are available?

Experts from Impetu Solutions were invited to give a keynote speech on ‘Opening Horizons: What kind of new approaches are available?’ for the COST Foresight on Future Demand for Forest-based Products and Services: Dissemination Conference on September 13, 2011, in Sekocin Stary (Near Warsaw)/Poland. The aim of the COST Strategic Workshop series 2010-2011 was to carry out a wide-angle foresight […]

The 4th International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) 12 & 13 May 2011

Impetu is represented by Dr. Totti Könnölä in the Scientific Committee of The 4th edition of the International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) that focuses on the need and potential of FTA to address disruptive transformations in response to grand societal challenges. FTA offers policy and decision makers the potential to look across such […]

Scenarios and roadmaps towards Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) in the year 2020.

Before joining Impetu Solutions, our experts took part in the design and execution of a FP7 project focusing on the creation of scenarios and roadmaps towards Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) in the year 2020. The project was funded by the NMP division of the European Commission within the IMS Framework and it was conducted by […]