FP7: Personal Health Systems Foresight

Impetu Solutions is running together with the Austrian Institute of Technology and the University of Manchester a two year European foresight project. This FP7 support action coordinates strategic stakeholder engagements in the realm of Personal Health Systems (PHS) within and beyond European Union up to 2030. Among other tasks, Impetu applies its advanced content management system for crow-sourcing process including collection, commenting , assessment and analysis of ideas on future PHS breakthroughs.

PHS assist in the provision of continuous, quality controlled and personalised health services to empowered individuals regardless of location.

PHS are not limited to dealing with aging and eldercare, though PHS communities contribute to the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Active and Healthy Aging. PHS provides a horizontal development area across variety of patients, clinical specialties, technology fields and health services. Hence, the development of PHS requires and can mobilize the emergence of novel cross-disciplinary and -sectoral innovation partnerships.
With this project we want:

  • to achieve a deeper understanding of mismatches between the potential of PHS and current policy and innovation initiatives and framework conditions;
  • to support more mobilized and networked innovation communities, promoting PHS around jointly formulated issues which support pooling resources and streamlining diverse innovation initiatives;
  • to tackle future opportunities and alternative trajectories, aligning actor perspectives for the development of a joint strategic action plan, including recommendations for a possible new EIP; and finally,
  • to achieve a transparent, open and inclusive engagement of stakeholders, and targeted dissemination of results in society.

Further information: Laura Pombo Juárez

Project website: www.phsforesight.eu