Innovation Capacity in Antofagasta Region in Chile

As part of the strategic collaboration between VTT Technical Research Centre and Impetu Solutions, our experts contribute to the project ‘Innovation Capacity in Antofagasta Region’ in collaboration with CICITEM (El Centro de investigación Tecnológico para la Minería) and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The project is a capacity development project targeted at raising the level of innovation capabilities in CICITEM as part of the regional development of the Antofagasta region in Chile. The joint process catalyses local development in Antofagasta with means of creating a learning process between Finland and Chile, and transferring best international practices to enhance CICITEM’s capacity to support local economic and social development.

In this project Impetu Solutions contributes to the development of foresight and innovation capacities through training and piloting a regional foresight project. For instance, Foresight Training Platform has been established and workshops are organized both in Chile and Finland.

Further information: Laura Pombo Juárez