e-Health: Towards Integrated Hospital Information Systems in Spain

Impetu Solutions is conducting a research project that applies and elaborates techno-institutional change theories in a novel way in the context of the transition process from fragmented hospital information systems of papers, films and digitalised records to integrated electronic management of intra- and inter-hospital information. The research can be characterised as empirically based theory-building as it elaborates the conceptual framework and attests its validity with the direct observations and empirically based literature reviews. Based on evolutionary and institutional theorising, the theoretical framework on Technological systems and dominant designs, interoperability and standards, organisational routines and competencies, policy and governance and societal acculturation and expectations is developed. The framework is applied to conceptualise and understand drivers and barriers in the techno-institutional transition process towards the integrated healthcare information systems in Spain. The preliminary results indicate the possibility of lock-ins to ineffective ICT solutions that calls for enhanced national and international coordination actions. The project is led by Eng. Laura Pombo-Juárez.