SESTI Scanning for Emerging Science & Technology Issues

Before joining Impetu Solutions, our experts took part in the design and execution of the SESTI project, one of the FP7 Bluesky research projects. Today’s societal developments are often influenced by improbable events with possibly high impact. SESTI is about identifying “Emerging Issues” that could have a potentially significant impact on society until 2030, are still not sufficiently recognized by policy makers, should (perhaps) get more attention by policy makers. SESTI is also a research project for exploring different methods like: Weak Signal Scanning (forums, news, blogs, text-mining), Expert survey for identifying emerging issues, Theory, methodology and evaluation and Workshops with policy makers and experts. SESTI aims to develop a mechanism for the early identification of newly emerging issues of importance to the European research infrastructure. thematic areas have been explored in more detail in testing the SESTI scanning system, including emerging issues in science and technology in
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Energy
  • Health.
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SESTI Project