Scenarios and roadmaps towards Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) in the year 2020.

Before joining Impetu Solutions, our experts took part in the design and execution of a FP7 project focusing on the creation of scenarios and roadmaps towards Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) in the year 2020. The project was funded by the NMP division of the European Commission within the IMS Framework and it was conducted by an international consortium from Europe, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and the USA. The roadmaps highlight the main milestones of innovation activities (R&D, management and policy actions) needed to achieve a desired vision. The project identified relevant research topics and supporting actions to shape the future of intelligent manufacturing through international cooperation. Our experts were involved in particular in shaping the process and methodology employed for developing scenarios for IMS2020 and consequently the roadmaps focusing on five Key Areas:
1. Sustainable Manufacturing, Products and Services
In sustainable manufacturing the entire lifecycle of the product or process will be taken into account, paying close attention to the technology adoption to support the use and assessment of resources and materials from their design phase, through production until the end of life.
2. Energy Efficient Manufacturing
Energy efficient manufacturing aims to reduce the use of scarce resources and the carbon footprint by considering innovative methods and technologies, as products and processes are no longer just subject to cost and quality.
3. Key Technologies
Key technologies are those that yield a high impact on the next generation of manufacturing, such as model-based enterprises, nano-technology, smart materials, robotics, etc.
4. Standardisation
Standardisation is critical to the successful uptake of efficient interoperable solutions in the modern globalised enterprises.
5. Innovation, Competences Development and Education
Education contains the understanding and diffusion of new learning tools such as eLearning, Technology Enhanced Learning, Serious Games, 3D tools etc.
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